The Web-address for Fiskarheimen is WWW.STJORN.COM. This site is common for various activities, also the ones that are not so closely connected to the rent-out. However, the guesthouse function in the summer season (from April/May until October) is the main activity.

Here are some photos from various popular activities and attractions.

The harbor at mid-summer midnight:

Some winter nights with Northern Lights:

The main geological pattern: the fault (350 million years old).

Fishing and boats:

Inspiration for art work:

Mountains and biking:

The local peak, Grønskardklumpen, 30 minutes walk up and down (exiting in all types of weather conditions):

The highest mountain, Storurdsheia, is about two hours walk to the top.

And the professional mountain climbing route 15 minutes drive away (for experts only):

The long term aim is not to make Fiskarheimen an ordinary tourist facility where a guest is usually anonymous and forgotten afterwards, but to connect with new and interesting people, individuals who wants to be regular friends and visitors to Råkvåg and at the best, engage in the further development of the village.